Heather Popek

I'm a


Hi. I'm Heather and I am:

  • dedicated to fun and lightness
  • a software engineer
  • an information architect
  • a ux architect
  • an interaction designer
  • a photography enthusiast
  • a lover of orange, lowercase and white space
  • an avid shoe wearer
  • a serious michael jackson fan
  • completely amused by the genius behind realultimatepower.net


Languages & Software

Elixir 100%
Python 60%
Ruby on Rails 60%
SQL 80%
JavaScript 90%
Typescript 50%
Bootstrap 100%
CSS 100%
Angular 50%
React 50%
Axure 100%
Creative Suite 100%



Heather Popek

Collaborative problem solver dedicated to ease of use with over 15 years experience in software focused on engineering, design, product and people management.

  • Chicago, IL
  • (847) 921-1388
  • catchme@heathernoe.com

Professional Experience

Senior Software Engineer

2019 - Present


  • Build experiences for the consumer facing app, the dealer facing app and the admin facing app as part of a complete replatforming.
  • Write and maintain unit tests for all code introduced.
  • Maintain and enforce the highest standards for front-end implementation of design standards and principles.
  • Champion accessibility in all apps.
  • Collaborate in planning, estimating and prioritization of work as it relates to company goals.
  • Collaborate with other departments to ensure consistent customer experiences across channels.
  • Cultivate strong relationships with product and ux.
  • Onboarded, mentored and educated team members.
  • Provide support for internal and external users.

Elixir, Phoenix, Liveview, Bootstrap

Lead UX Architect & Software Engineer

2018 - 2019

4Degrees, Chicago, IL

  • Frequently moderate user testing sessions to gain insights into user needs and validate hypotheses.
  • Continually educate the team on ux best practices, understanding user behavior and test moderation.
  • Manage all visual design efforts.
  • Design & build pattern library.
  • Lead team in crafting design principles.
  • Significantly improve user experience in web app and emails.
  • Build and QA all emails.
  • Design & build customer facing site.
  • Collaborate to design mobile app, gmail extension and outlook add-in.
  • Collaborate on planning & feature prioritization.
  • Build out features for desktop app.

Python on Flask using Jinja and Bootstrap

UX Manager

2016 - 2018

Gamut, Chicago, IL

  • Built a team of 6 UXAs, 1 Visual Designer and 1 UX Researcher.
  • Led the UX team in developing UX principles and charter.
  • Built pattern library and corresponding Axure libraries.
  • Managed the creation of the visual style guide.
  • Managed all testing and insights gathering efforts across the organization using tools such as SessionCam, Google Analytics, User Testing and more.
  • Worked with all business units to ensure a consistent customer experience across all touchpoints.
  • Developed relationships with all business units to position UX as a valuable partner.
  • Worked with Product Manager and Engineering Manager to evolve sprint work processes and quality.
  • Designed and built a mobile trivia game for team building.

Lead UX Architect

2015 - 2016

Gamut, Chicago, IL

  • Collaborated with product managers, engineers and stakeholders to develop strategy.
  • Collaborated with product managers and engineers to plan project execution.
  • Created prototypes/wireframes for responsive ecommerce site and admin workstation.
  • Collaborated with team members to generate insights based on a deep understanding of business and user needs.
  • Validated designs using a variety of methods to ensure ease of use.
  • Continually user tested all software.
  • Collaborated on early database design.
  • QAed all releases for interaction requirements.
  • Led release demos and worked closely with internal users in order to iterate software to best support their changing needs.
  • Designed and built transactional emails.

Senior UX Planner & Strategist

2014 - 2015

Grainger, Chicago, IL

  • Ran discovery activities to understand customer needs, business goals, problem context, as well as organizational and technical constraints.
  • Planned and executed lightweight research, ideation, and concepting activities and workshops with stakeholders and appropriate UX practices.
  • Synthesized, summarized and presented findings to inform thinking as well as drive decision-making and alignment through concepts and high-level designs.
  • Used frameworks to help inform business partners and business strategy.
  • Helped to create an experience strategy/roadmap that aligns with the organization’s business objectives.
  • Drove ideation and concepting to align thinking between business and execution.
  • Drove testing to validate ideas before investment.
  • Developed user profiles, scenarios, guiding principles, mental models and journey maps.

Senior Interaction Designer

2011 - 2014

Crate & Barrel, Chicago, IL

  • Conceptualized and created wireframes for all desktop and mobile sites.
  • Conceptualized and created wireframes for the company's first mobile app for iPhone and Android.
  • Led the design iterations of checkout which the Baymard Institute proclaimed the #1 checkout among the top 100 eCommerce sites in 2012.
  • Led storyboarding workshops
  • Consistently pulled data from Omniture to evaluate effectiveness of recent launches and tests.
  • Regularly moderated user testing.
  • Prepared tests and analyzed results for card sorting and tree testing.
  • Created A/B tests using Optimizely.
  • Created HTML and Axure prototypes for user testing on desktop and mobile products.
  • Worked with Site Management team to design A/B and multivariate tests.
  • Recommended and designed iterative improvements to all web products based on:
    • A/B and Multivariate testing
    • Remote user testing
    • In-store user testing
    • Site analytics
    • Card sorting
    • Opinion lab feedback
  • Redesigned, built and QAed all transactional emails for all 3 brands.
  • Designed, built and QAed portions of sales associate website.
  • hampioned changes to make sites more consistent, lean and tablet friendly prior to going responsive.

Information Architect

2006 - 2011

Palacegate, Skokie, IL

  • Created high fidelity wireframes complete with functional specifications for Palagegate clients.
  • Analyzed & redesigned current customer interfaces in order to increase usability.
  • Heuristically evaluated competitors' sites in order to create more user centered designs.
  • Created HTML prototypes.

Freelance Web Developer

2009 - Present

Design and build new websites for small businesses.


BS Mathematics

Minor in Secondary Education.

Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL

Graduated with honors.


  • All
  • Photography
  • Design
  • Programming

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Chicago, IL


(847) 921-1388